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Ants A force to be reckoned with . . . Ants are some of the most successful insects on the planet. Ants may be found from the hottest desert climates well into the cold sub-arctic. They are far more successful in the temperate regions of the earth. It just happens that is where we like…
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  Spiders   There aren’t very many people who like spiders. In fact, most people really prefer to stay as far away from most spiders as they can get. They do seem kind of creepy with all those legs and their almost invisible and sticky webs. (Do you recall the movie “Arachnophobia”?) And some spiders…
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  Cockroaches   In the mind of this old bug-man, these are about the most disgusting insects on the planet (my apologies to those who like them). Cockroaches feed on, and live in, all manner of decaying and putrid materials; they have been shown to carry and transmit dozens of diseases and other maladies; and…
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Biting and Stinging Pests   There are hundreds of insects, spiders, and other small creatures that can bite or sting or otherwise cause us discomfort or create a health risk. Here we will look at a few of the most common biting and stinging pests that occur in central California. (We will not discuss spiders…
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