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Termite and Pest Control Services for Fresno, Clovis, Shaver Lake, Auberry, Reedley, Kerman & More.

General Pest Control

Pest Control Services

If you need general pest control service for your home or business,
we have a service plan for you.

  1. Monthly Service - Your best choice if you live in an area where spiders, outdoor roaches, and ants are a regular problem.
  2. One Time Service - If you just need one service to clean up a spider, outdoor roach, or ant problem, give us a call. We can help.
  3. Special Service Programs - We are now offering short term special service programs for certain pests that may be controlled through two to three  services.

Please call our office for a free quote for service.
We look forward to serving you!


Structural Pest Control

Pest control is a very big business. Crop dusters, farmers, gardeners, weed control experts, termite and pest control technicians, are all engaged in the business of pest control in some form or another. In California all of these activities are regulated by agencies that were established to oversee this work. The agencies that regulate our industry issue licenses that are specific to the different kinds of pest control work that may be done. For example, a crop-duster pilot is not permitted to treat your home for termites. Likewise, we don't have a clue how to control pests on alfalfa or cotton.

Morse Termite and Pest Control is licensed by the California Structural Pest Control Board and the California Department of Pesticide Regulation for General Pest Control (branch 2), Wood Destroying Organisms (branch 3), and Landscape Maintenance operations. We have training, equipment and materials that are specialized to the kinds of pest problems that are found in and around structures. Our services are focused on the inside and the exterior areas adjacent to homes, businesses or other buildings.

We do not provide services at this time to control gophers, ground squirrels, weeds or other pests of turf and ornamental areas. We believe these services are best left to a specialist with the training and equipment that is specific to those problems.