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Solving Termite and Pest Problems Your Property May Have

At Morse Termite and Pest Control in Fresno, CA, we offer thorough termite and pest control services. We can solve most of the common pest problems, from termites to ants and roaches and black widow spiders (the most common dangerous pest in the San Joaquin Valley).

A Problem You Cannot Ignore

If you think you have termites, do not delay getting rid of them. They are very destructive, and the longer you wait, the more damage they will do. Repairs to your home can also be very expensive. However, regular termite inspections and early treatment will protect your property, which is your biggest investment.

Why Trust Us

Our technicians are among the best trained and equipped in the industry, and our service vehicles are stocked with the very best products. Additionally, our field representatives make sure to be fast, thorough, friendly, and understanding when providing services. This is because they know that it can be annoying, creepy, and dangerous to have pests crawling in and around your home.

We are licensed by the California Structural Pest Control Board and registered with the California Department of Pesticide Regulation for general pest control (Branch 2) and wood-destroying organisms (Branch 3), such as termites.

Our Services

Our termite control and pest control services are perfect for homes, offices, and commercial properties. We serve Fresno, Clovis, Reedley, Kerman, Prather, Auberry, Shaver Lake, and everywhere in between.

Termite inspector in residential crawl space inspects a foundation for termites.

Termite Inspections

This service is also called “Wood-Destroying Pests and Organisms Inspection Reports.” It is one of the most important ways to protect your home’s structural integrity. We offer free estimates and limited inspection reports for most situations and locations.

on wood

Subterranean Termite Control

We can terminate subterranean termites, which live in the ground but can tunnel through to get to your home.

Termite tent covering home.

Drywood Termite Control

Our technicians can also get rid of drywood termites, which live inside the wood that they are infesting and destroying.

Man with rubber boots and rubber gloves spraying the lawn with fertilizer.

General Pest Control Service Options

  • Regular Monthly Services – This is best if you frequently see spiders, outdoor cockroaches, and ants in and around your house.

  • Onetime Service – Choose this option for specific problems, such as seasonal pests or wasps nests.

  • Special Services – These are short-term programs for certain types of pests that may need two to three treatments. This option is also best for homes in the mountains, such as Shaver Lake, where pest control needs are seasonal.

The Scope of Our Services

As a structural pest control company, we provide services for the interior and exterior areas in and adjacent to homes, businesses, or other buildings.
We do not provide service for restaurants or other food service businesses. Services to control gophers, ground squirrels, weeds, or other pests of turf and ornamental areas may be obtained from a company licensed to do that work by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation.

Get Started

We pride ourselves on our fast service. Our field representatives are usually able to go to your home the day or the day after you call us. Get in touch with us today if you are interested in our services.