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Are you currently trying to get rid of termites and other pests that are living in your home? Our team at Morse Termite and Pest Control has you covered.

What We Do

General Pest Control Services

If you need general pest control services for your home or business, we offer the following service plans:

  • Monthly Service – This is the best choice for long-term control of recurring household pests such as spiders, outdoor roaches and ants. Regular pest control maintenance services provides consistent control and peace of mind. We are always just a phone call away with free follow-up or special services whenever needed.
  • One Time Service – Choose this option if you just need us to help by providing our services once to clean up a spider, outdoor roach, or ant problem.
  • Special Service Programs – We are now offering special short-term service plans for the control of certain pests where one-time services rarely achieve satisfactory control.

Subterranean Termite Control

  • Traditional Treatment – The soil around the exterior of the building is thoroughly treated with a state-of-the-art termite management product such as Termidor®. Additionally, any areas of known or suspected termite activity are treated. Complete control is achieved within a few weeks following the service.
  • Baits – In our experience baiting programs for subterranean termites are not as reliable as traditional treatments. However, there are specific situations where baiting may be the best (or only) option.
  • Mechanical Barriers or Alterations
  • Let Them Eat –This is still America, and it is your house. With this option, you don't have to do anything at all!

Drywood Termite Control and Elimination

To eliminate drywood termite colonies, we can do one of the following treatments:

  • Remove and Replace the Infested Wood Members

  • Localized Treatment

  • Structural Fumigation

Termite Inspections and Identifications

Technically, there is no such thing as a "termite" inspection in California. The inspections done by structural pest control operators like us are more correctly called Wood-Destroying Pests and Organisms Inspection Reports.


Our inspections are closely regulated by the California Structural Pest Control Board, and the scope of the inspection is defined by state law. Under state law, a termite company cannot do work on your property until an inspection has been done and a written report has been delivered to you. There must also be a written contract to do the work.


Find out more about how we offer free termite inspection estimates and identifications for most situations.

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