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A Team of Experienced Pest Control Technicians

Protecting Your Investment” has been Morse Termite and Pest Control’s motto since we began operations in 2002. This is because we take satisfaction in helping clients protect their homes, their family’s health, and their pets from diseases and destruction caused by pests and termites.

We strive to offer fast, thorough, and friendly pest control services while providing honest and complete information about our process, our products, and your options.
Count on us to help you understand what results you can expect from our services.

About Our Company

How It Started

Our company was founded by Doug Morse in 2002 after a long career in pest control. He received his first license for pest control in 1973 while he was stationed in Massachusetts with the U.S. Army. Doug now holds California operator's licenses in general pest control and wood-destroying organisms.

He had been working for major pest control franchise companies for almost 30 years when he decided to start his own termite control company. His goal then was to protect people’s biggest investment, which is their home. Now, it is what we promise in our motto.

Significant Developments

Doug decided to expand the business in 2006 by providing general pest control services and changed the company’s name to Morse Termite and Pest Control. In 2007, he purchased another pest control company and the general pest control part of the operation took off. Now, in addition to first-rate termite control services, we provide services to control general household pests such as ants, cockroaches, spiders, rats, mice, and biting and stinging pests.

More About Doug Morse

Doug came to Clovis in 1961 and graduated from McLane High School. After 3 years in the US Army, he received a business degree from Fresno City College.

With his extensive industry knowledge and experience, he was able to teach other operators. He also created several courses that have been approved by the Structural Pest Control Board for continuing education credit.

As a termite control service provider, he knew that regular inspections did more than look for termites and their damage.  Rather, they also help identify other wood decay pests and organisms such as wood destroying beetles, wood decay fungus, leaks, and excess moisture.  Regular inspections often disclose these issues before they become big problems and require major and expensive repairs.

Today, Doug still holds his operator’s license but is mostly retired. He spends plenty of time golfing, bicycling, and working in his wood shop.  He and Margie have been married for more than 55 years.  They have three adult children and six grandchildren.

Our Leadership Today

Today, Matthew Morse is the general manager of the company. As Doug’s son, he has worked in the business since the very beginning. Matt continues the family tradition of protecting people’s investment and their health.

“I know people think of us as just pest exterminators, but I see my industry as being on the front line of protecting public health,” says Matt. “Pest control makes a huge difference in our society’s health and gives us the ability to live in cities without worrying about terrible things like plague or other pest-borne diseases.”

He added, “To me, it’s worth the extra investment to use only the best products in the market and to hire, train, and equip technicians who are truly pest control professionals. Our services are never rushed, and we always take the time to clean the spider webs off of the outsides of houses and fences.”

Addressing Your Pest Issue As Fast As We Can

Prompt Attention to Your Needs

We can usually offer same-business-day service if you call us by 10 AM. We can almost always provide service within two business days throughout our local service area.

We also service Friant, Prather, Auberry, Tollhouse and Shaver Lake. We are in these areas several times each month. Please call us for an appointment to service your mountain or foothill home.

Contact Us

If you have questions or comments, feel free to call us anytime.

Our Team


Matthew Morse General Manager and Vice President

Matt, Doug’s son, is Vice President and the General Manager. He has worked in the company since 2002 and holds an Operators license in both general pest control and wood-destroying organism control (i.e. termites and other wood decay organisms).

He oversees the day-to-day operations, but you might still see him in the field, making sure that everything is done according to his high standards. Matt supports the company motto, which is “Protecting Your Investment” and also firmly believes that pest control is one of the first and best lines of defense in protecting public health.



Kristi, Doug's eldest daughter, is our office manager. You will get her cheerful voice on the line when you call our office. She will help set up appointments, check on your account status, and receive payments. She also takes care of typing our inspection reports, bookkeeping, and all the little things that make an office tick.

Kristi joined our team in March of 2008. Before moving into the office, Kristi worked in the field for many years as a pest control technician. Kristi holds a Branch 2 Field Representative license. 

Tim Resize


Tim joined our team in October 2015. He provides Wood Destroying Pest and Organism inspections, as well as some general pest control services. Tim holds a Structural Pest Control Branch 2 & 3 Field Representative’s license.


David de la cruz Field Representative

David joined our team in September 2020. He provides general pest control services to many of our customers in the Clovis area, as well as East Fresno. David holds a Structural Pest Control Branch 2 Field Representative’s license.


Jake Mata Field Representative

Jake joined our team in February 2023. He provides general pest control services to many of our customers in the Fresno area, as well as outlying areas such as Shaver, Kingsburg etc. Jake holds a Structural Pest Control Branch 2 Field Representative’s license.